domestic abuse

Domestic abuse affects many relationships, between spouses, partners and relatives. The family team at Mullenders has considerable experience in dealing with people suffering from the different forms of domestic abuse including, but not restricted to, physical violence.

Domestic abuse can happen in many different ways and can affect people from any walk of life. It is unacceptable for anyone to inflict physical, emotional or sexual harm on another person. We can act swiftly to protect clients by applying for emergency injunctions against spouses, partners, family member or anyone else who is causing harm to prevent any repetition of the behaviour. It is important anyone experiencing such problems does not suffer alone and seeks professional help. It is also important to remember the harmful effect on any children who may witness the abuse. In some cases applications can be made to exclude somebody from the property.

Our family team are professional, sensitive, discreet and supportive. We recognise the emotional and practical difficulties that arise in dealing with the various forms of domestic abuse and tailor our service to suit the particular needs of the individual and any vulnerable family members for whom they are responsible.

Roger Mullender also acts for many men in domestic abuse situations / Mankind work.

Failure to comply with an injunction is treated seriously by the courts and can be punishable by a variety of sanctions including in serious cases imprisonment.

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