We can help you appeal against the amount of council tax you have to pay

Council Tax Disputes

Council Tax Appeals

Valuation Tribunals

Legal Advice & Representation for Tenants & Landlords

Having to deal with local councils and billing authorities can be difficult and frustrating. Council Tax law can be complex and hard to understand.

At Mullenders we provide specialist legal advice and representation on a variety of Council tax disputes including:-

  • Property Valuation Disputes
  • Representation at Valuation Tribunals
    • An independent body not connected with the council
  • Representation at Magistrates Courts
  • Disputing liability
    • You do not think you should pay council tax
  • Council Tax Discounts
    • Where the property is empty
    • The occupier is a single person
    • Other special reasons
  • Property exemptions
  • Discretionary reliefs
    • You are not receiving reliefs you think you are entitled to
    • Help preparing claims
  • Council Tax arrears
    • Challenging debt
    • Enforcement proceedings
    • Representation
  • Local Authority not responding to your complaints

We can help with initial advice and making representations to the local authority, preparing your case, gathering evidence and submit written submissions challenging and appealing council decisions.

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