mullenders fee information

we offer different payment options:

hourly rate

This is the traditional way solicitor firms charge clients and is calculated at the solicitors hourly charging rate. We will provide you with an estimate of the overall cost of your case and provide you with updates as your case progresses. The hourly rate charged will be dependent on the seniority of the solicitor.

fixed fees

In some areas of law such as Motoring offences and Criminal law matters we are able to offer fixed fees. We will assess your case and circumstances and provide you with a fixed fee quote.

support for litigants in person

In some situations we assist clients by providing them with specific help at certain stages of their case. Depending on the circumstances and the particular work we charge by hourly rates or in some cases fixed fees.


fees for licensing

For Licensing work for business clients our fees are charged at the solicitors hourly rate which are between £230 to £250 + VAT per hour dependent on seniority. We will provide an estimate of costs based on the complexity of the work and how long we think it will take.

During the work other costs are likely to arise payable to third parties such as for licensing authorities application fees, local newspaper advertisements and where applicable barristers fees. We will provide you a costs estimate once we know the particular circumstances of your matter and keep you regularly updated.

No two applications are the same and legal costs will depend on the necessary time dedicated to a clients application and circumstances.

For example to prepare a new and straightforward application for a premises license or to vary an existing license without the need for any pre application consultation with a local authority, without any representations against the application and without the need for a licensing sub committee hearing would generally be in the region of £1,000 to £1,500 + VAT (not including disbursements to third parties).

Our services include:

  • Taking your instructions
  • Advising you on the licensing objective and mandatory and other applicable conditions
  • Visiting the premises
  • Drafting the licensing application
  • Submitting the application to the local authority
  • Circulating copies to relevant statutory bodies
  • Arranging necessary newspaper advertising
  • Liaising with the relevant licensing authority as to the progress of the application

Additional fees may be applicable for travel as necessary

For more complex cases we will provide you with a costs estimate once we have discussed the full circumstances of your case with you.


Once we have obtained instructions a typical straightforward application can take 1 to 4 weeks to prepare.


employment law fees

fees individuals

For face to face appointments with a solicitor our fees are based on the solicitors hourly charging rate of between £230 to £250.00 + VAT per hour. We also offer telephone advice at the solicitors hourly rate.

settlement agreements

Your fees for legal advice on a settlement will normally be paid by your employer with no fees payable by you.

tribunal representation

Most cases settle but if cases progress to Tribunal we base our fees on the solicitors hourly charging rate of £230-250 per hour + VAT. Some cases may appear relatively simple at the outset but develop into more complex cases. Of course some cases are relatively simple and stay so. Others are complex at the outset and remain so. Other costs drivers include the number of preliminary hearings, witnesses and experts required.

If a case proceeds to a Tribunal we may also instruct barristers to represent clients at certain stages or hearings. We will provide fee estimates once we are aware of the particular circumstances of the case. If a case does not settle it can take between six months and a year to reach a final contested hearing. We will assess the particular circumstances of your case and merits at an early stage and provide you with a fee estimate including any barristers fees.

For a case representing an individual in a relatively straightforward matter fees for a trial lasting one day and taking up to 6 months to reach a contested hearing can range from £12,500 to £20,000 + VAT.

In more complex cases acting for employers where a case may take 12 months to reach trial fees may range from £25,000 to £45,000 + VAT

In cases where expert evidence is required we will provide clients with the experts fee estimates upon discussing the particular circumstances of the case.


fees for motoring cases

It is never easy to calculate fees for an individual case. Each case varies in so many ways. Some on the face of it may appear to be straight forward but can end up expanding into complex cases throwing into the mix unforeseen issues. Some may appear complex at first glance but are more simple than they appear.

Initial face to face appointment
With a senior solicitor including considering your documents taking your instructions and advising you accordingly £230 + VAT hourly rate.

Up to half a day representation at a Magistrates Court
From £500 to £950 + VAT depending on seniority of advocate, where your case is heard and the type of work involved in preparing for your case.

A full day’s representation at a Magistrates Court
Our fees will normally be between £750 to £1200 + VAT.

Contested Road Traffic trial at a Magistrates Court
Fees are around £950 to £1200 +VAT.

Exceptional hardship hearing at a Magistrates Court
Fees range from between £500 to £950 +VAT.

These fee estimates do not include taking witness statements, instruction of experts and contested trials. We will quote you a fixed fee upon hearing more of your case circumstances.

Please note if you win your case you may be entitled to some or all of your legal costs returned to you through an application for costs from central funds.