Variation and Discharge of SOPO's and SHPO's

In many cases the existence of a SOPO prevents a conviction becoming spent.

There are many requirements under a SOPO, including the requirement to notify the police of foreign travel, and notification requirements in relation to bank account and credit details.

The length of time to which individuals are subject to the notification requirements is based upon the sentence received.

In some cases, the notification requirement applies indefinitely. However, there is now a right of review. We can help with your application to discharge a SOPO.

As lifting and varying a SOPO is seen as a politically sensitive subject, a judge can be reluctant to discharge, or vary the SOPO. However, we have a wealth of experience in the variation and discharge of SOPO's and can help you through the process.

SOPO and SHPO applications to vary or discharge can be complex and involve detailed medical and psychiatric evidence. Each case is different and involves a careful analysis of the law, the offender’s background and whether or not an expert report is necessary. These are not applications to be undertaken without proper preparation. We are highly experienced in this area working with a highly specialist barrister and psychiatric expert to ensure that you receive pragmatic and sensible advice. With a growing number of SOPO’s around many years old we work with you to have these highly restrictive orders discharged especially as they will extend registration requirements. This is an area of law which we have a reservoir of experience in, dealing with the police and courts throughout the country.

Please contact Roger Mullender (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further advice.

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