released under investigation (criminal law - police station)

After being interviewed by the police under caution thousands of people at any time find themselves “Released under Investigation”. This means the police investigation is ongoing and that they will be notified at some point in the future by the police with the outcome. It can be very frustrating and effectively leaves people in a state of limbo. The uncertainty can be very worrying as a persons life is effectively placed on hold.

We believe it is best to be proactive post interview rather than just wait for the police to make a decision. We can advise and discuss a case plan with you away from the stressful environment of the police station. If we think there are any steps that should be taken we will say so. It is frequently said that the police interview is effectively the first day of a persons trial. We are very pleased to say we frequently make representations to the police succesfully resulting in cases being discontinued at an early stage rather than proceed to court.

We can also keep clients updated during this period by being be in regular contact with the police and advising and chasing as to the progress of their investigation.

If you have been released under investigation call or email Roger Mullender This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

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